Energy Lab

Digital training

Energy Lab has created multiple online tools to support athletes in their sport experience and introduce them to a more active lifestyle. We aim to introduce you to new sports and help you build up your fitness level using professional training schemes that guarantee success and progression. 

Discover our Start 2 Run app, the training platform MyEnergyLab and the online world of Yoga with Evy

Start 2 run

Start 2 Run with Evy Gruyaert is an essential app for your smartphone. Run to your favourite music and be personally guided and motivated by Evy during your training sessions. This app features both running plans that will prepare you for your first 5 km run as well as for more advanced running plans. We guarantee your success!

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Receive and manage your personal training schedule based on your athletic profile

Online training platform

Personal and high quality training schedules

Athletic dream

Easy diary management

Preperation for running and cycling events

Just €1 per week

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Yoga with Evy

Discover the basics of yoga or new yoga styles together with Evy Gruyaert. Recommended for beginners as well as for more experienced yogi! 

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Energy Lab

Personal coaching
Coacking Packs

At Energy Lab we provide tailor made coaching. Your personal coach creates your training plans, follows up on your trainings and competitions and corrects when needed. These coaching plans also include services in our labs such as fitness tests. We offer coaching packs for runners, cyclists and triathletes. Discover our coaching formulas