Why moving?

Why is it important to stay active? How should we stay active? What does staying active mean? Topsports coach Paul Van Den Bosch gives an answer to these questions and enriches this workshop with stories from his coaching career in which he worked with Sven Nys, Sven Vanthourenhout, Marc Herremans and many more. He was the co-founder of Energy Lab and is still highly involved in the labs and the Energy@Work concept.  



An awareness presentation from Energy CEO Kristof De Smet that focuses on the added value of longlasting movement and health campaigns. Healthy and mentally fit employees are the capital of each company. In this workshop Kristof De Smet will shine a light on the actual issues and pitfalls companies are facing. During the workshop Kristof De Smet will inspire you how your company can be prepared on what is coming by showing real Energy@Work cases.

Train well

From beginner to an experienced athlete, everyone benefits from a workshop with practical training tips to train as effective as possible to reach your goal. In this workshop our Energy Lab sports coach gives tips on how to train efficiently, to prevent injuries and to sport in a responsible manner. Get the most out of your trainings! 

Eat healthy

A tasty presentation by our Energy Lab nutritional coach that explains the basis of a healthy nutrition plan and gives practical tips on making this healthy lifestyle your own. In this workshop the nutritional coach highlights day to day nutrition as well as nutrition before, during and after a sports training. Participants go home with tips and tricks as well as recipes they can try at home. 

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Start 2 Run

Digital coach Evy Gruyaert exposes the success of the Start 2 Run app. Since years Evy Gruyaert is an example for young and old to start living a healthier lifestyle. In this workshop Evy will share her view on living healthy and will tell you what her tips and tricks are to stay motivated. 

The Start 2 Run app is developed in cooperation with Energy Lab. The app contains running schedules created by our experienced topsport coaches. Step by step a training is builds up to guide you to your personal goal. 

Start 2 Run

Behind the scenes of sport

Top athlete Sven Nys inspires everyone with a personal story on the great moments as well as the obstacles he had to conquer in his career as a professional cyclist and mountainbiker. This workshop moves everyone! After closing his personal sports career he stays active in the sports world as topcoach of cyclocross team Telenet Fidea. In July 2016 the unique training and experience center for offroad cycling in Tremelo has opened.

Sven Nys

Mental strength

A positive presentation in which Elke Geraerts and Pia Buysse (Better Minds at Work) give tips to strenghten the mental defensibility of each individual. By controlling our brain we can improve our mental resilience to be more resistant to stress and burn out. 

Better minds at work

From fear to flow

The adventurous extreme sporter Cedric Dumont is part of the Red Bull team and a high performance coach that links the top sport with the business world when it comes to pushing boundries and optimising your own potential. Step out of your comfort zone and discover the "out of the box" thinking of leadership. In this workshop Cedric Dumont shows an approach that leads to effective results to bring your team to the next level. 

Cedric Dumont

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