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Health Scan

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Hoe is het effectief gesteld met de voedingsgewoontes en de BMI van de medewerkers? Wat is de fysieke fitheid van de medewerkers op vlak van lenigheid, evenwicht, kracht en uithouding? En wie van de medewerkers haalt de beweegnorm? Aan de hand van specifieke testen brengen we de algemene gezondheid van jullie bedrijf in kaart.

Discover your health profile.

A series of low-threshold physical tests and a questionnaire about your daily physical activity, eating habits and mental strength are used to work out the basis of your general health profile. This scan can be undertaken anywhere under the supervision of Energy Lab coaches and takes about one and a half hours for 30 people.

  • In the questionnaire, we assess the state of your lifestyle in terms of nutrition, physical activity and mental well-being. 
  • We look at the abdominal circumference and BMI to get an idea of your body composition
  • Testing:
    • Strength
    • Balance
    • Agility
    • Endurance

The Health Scan offers personal results, followed by personal feedback. What are my strengths? What aspects can I improve? How do I score against the “healthy” cut-off scores, and above all, what is the advice for each category? In addition, we also provide an overview and analysis of the general company results, as well as a benchmark to compare your efforts against other companies. This is the ideal way to kick-off of your corporate well-being
project or teambuilding exercise. 

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