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At Energy Lab, we are convinced that both a healthy mind and healthy body are required to get the best out of employees. This is why we guide companies to work towards a sustainable health policy for their employees.

Master Your Energy

Master Your Energy works as a 100-days programme that focuses on turning your company’s and employees’ energy drains into energy gains. We boost the physical, mental and emotional energy levels of your employees and help you build and create a sustainable high-performance working culture. Where time is a finite resource, your energy can be expanded and reinvigorated.


Employee engagement can grow in different ways. An excellent and efficient way is through sporting challenges. Our digital platform KeepMoving engages your employees as they keep moving to a healthier lifestyle.

Human Capital Scan

We will measure your employees’ enthusiasm and how burnout-proof your organization and teams are.

Energy Webinars

With our Energy Webinars we want to connect your employees online and offer inspiring content. We offer a broad range of subjects that cover specific topics within our holistic wellbeing model. These are given by experts in the discussed topic. Result: energized employees who are mentally and physically strong!

Corporate wellbeing tailored to your company

More and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of healthy employees who come to work full of energy and commitment. This is because healthy employees ensure strong companies. We will work with you to bring existing, often separate, initiatives together to a sustainable basis. This is true for companies taking their first steps in the field of corporate wellbeing, as well as companies that are looking to take the next step. Using our expertise, we can help any company to develop a customised project.

Corporate Wellbeing Platform

Engage your employees in your wellbeing initiatives through our interactive and responsive digital platform that informs, inspires and activates them. This platform is the central hub for all activations, events and wellbeing campaigns and is fuelled by connected apps & activity trackers.

Ambassador trajectory

Turn your employees into your ambassadors: let them radiate your company values at sporting events in which you participate. Opt for the ultimate preparation. A selection of employees works towards an ultimate physical goal under the professional supervision of Energy Lab coaches. The ambassadors give a voice and face to the corporate well-being programme of your company and ensure the “health virus” spreads within the company.

Inspirational Speakers

We offer a broad range of keynotes and workshops that cover specific topics within our holistic wellbeing model. These are given by (former) professional athletes or thought leaders and experts in the discussed topic. Keynotes that inspire and make people think about their physical lifestyle and mental mindset.

Health Scan

Discover your company's health profile. Get tested, be guided by our coaches and receive valuable insights on the general health conditions of your company. The fun way!

Company Scan

We take a survey in order to find out what your company's employees are concerned with in terms of vitality and health. Using the results, we get to work and develop a tailor-made corporate well-being programme.

Unique on site activations

Practice what you preach. Get people moving by introducing on site activations. A fun way to put wellbeing in the spotlight and improve your company’s atmosphere.

Energy Days

Give your traditional offsite team trainings or annual company trip an extra dose of Energy! Our Energy Days add a unique and unforgettable extra dimension to your events. These combine physical and sports activities with keynotes by inspiring speakers, such as Sven Nys, Evi Van Acker and Paul Van Den Bosch, according to your company’s preferences.

Corporate Events

Are you looking for a unique company event for your employees? Or would you like a surprising way to invite customers/suppliers? We will work with you to find a suitable formula for a successful event and an unforgettable experience.

Incentives - Energy Experiences

We offer a broad range of full incentive packages, including travel and lodging worldwide, combining business and (sports) activities. Active travel in a one-stop-shop, we can arrange everything from booking to hosting.

A fit workforce is the beating heart of your company

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