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Ambassador trajectory 'Anything is possible'

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Turn your employees into your ambassadors: let them radiate your company values at sporting events in which you participate. Opt for the ultimate preparation. A selection of employees works towards an ultimate physical goal under the professional supervision of Energy Lab coaches. The ambassadors give a voice and face to the corporate well-being programme of your company and ensure the “health virus” spreads within the company.

The power of this ambassador trajectory

  • Form genuine and organic storytelling
  • Create a great source of inspiration to other colleagues
  • Lift morale and group cohesion
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Accelerate and strengthen your HR and PR objectives

Our approach

Before we actually start, we launch a call within your company to know who would like to become an ambassador. But more importantly, the question is: “Why do you want to become an ambassador?” Ideally, we will start working with people who aren't the fittest at the time, or who have a specific story and will get the necessary boost from the ambassador process. These ambassadors can then be a source of inspiration for all other employees within the company. 

Run-up to sporting experiences

Kick-off camp - Bootcamp

  • Medical screening
  • Fitness test cycling or running
  • Analysis of the body composition
  • Workshops training and nutrition
  • One or more days
Persoonlijk Trainingsschema
We map everyone's physical condition


  • Tailor-made training schedule
  • Regular contact with the coach
  • Joint training with the coach and the other ambassadors
Individuele Begeleiding
Each ambassador is guided by an Energy Lab coach

Final event

The event that the ambassadors have been preparing for months. The culmination of a life-changing process. Get inspired:

Adecco Group - Win4Youth

The Adecco Win for Youth ambassador programme is a way for our people to get active and to be engaged in sport. To do something with their team, while supporting a good cause and bringing our message across.Cynthia Hansen (Head of the Adecco Group Foundation)

H.Essers - 2019 - Port of Antwerp Triathlon Festival

ING - Forerunners: Half Triathlon Sud Vendée

Turn your employees into your ambassadors

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