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Company Scan


We take a survey in order to find out what your company's employees are concerned with in terms of vitality and health. Using the results, we get to work and develop a tailor-made corporate well-being programme.

What about the fitness of my company? What are the strengths of your well-being policy? We look into the most important concerns your company's employees have in terms of vitality and health. In doing so, we gauge the answers in terms of physical and mental fitness, nutrition and motivating factors in order to increase the chances of success of a well-being campaign.

  • Questionnaire: using a survey, we map out a general profile of the employees. Specifically, we look at everyone's current physical health. In addition, we also ask questions about their dietary habits and assess their mental health.  
  • Interviews with management & employees in order to gain insight into the corporate identity and the already existing initiatives concerning corporate well-being. We look for what it is that people really want, and how this can be offered to them in a relevant project.
  • By visiting the work floor, we gain insight into company-specific opportunities and areas that need particular attention in the workplace.
  • Finally, after all this work, we decide on the possible content of an employee engagement programme and discuss the potential impact via a clear presentation/report.

Curious how your company could leverage corporate well-being?

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