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Corporate Well-being tailored to your company


More and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of healthy employees who come to work full of energy and commitment. This is because healthy employees ensure strong companies. We will work with you to bring existing, often separate, initiatives together to a sustainable basis. This is true for companies taking their first steps in the field of corporate well-being, as well as companies that are looking to take the next step. Using our expertise, we can help any company develop a customised project.

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Every company is different, from SME to multinational, and each requires a personalised approach. Together we will get to work on a sustainable and impactful corporate well-being programme. We work with different building blocks:

  • A digital platform from which all initiatives concerning corporate well-being are communicated, and to  which different apps and wearables can be linked.
  • Storytelling about inspiring and authentic stories from ambassadors. After all, corporate well-being is about people. We like to focus on people who, for whatever reason, do not have the most healthy life and who, through personal guidance, are given a helping hand to become more active, sporty and healthy.
  • A range of inspiring workshops or participation in sporting events 
  • Campaigns around specific themes that we bring to life in the company using online & offline tools. By doing this, we focus on one topic for a certain period so the message can be brought to everyone, loud and proud. We pay attention to both sensitisation and activation.

    Studies show that for every Euro a company invests in the health of its employees, the employer saves an average of 3 to 4 Euros.

    Our objectives:

    • Improving the health and well-being of employees: physical & mental resilience
    • Team dynamics: boosting the dynamics in your team and build a strong corporate culture
    • Employer branding: encouraging dedication & pride in the company
    • Accessibility: aiming for maximum participation. Every step counts.

    Together, we can ensure health and exercise becomes part of the DNA of a company.

    A fit workforce is the beating heart of your company

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