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Consultancy : corporate wellbeing tailored to your company

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More and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of healthy employees who come to work full of energy and commitment. This is because healthy employees ensure strong companies. We will work with you to bring existing, often separate, initiatives together to a sustainable basis. This is true for companies taking their first steps in the field of corporate wellbeing, as well as companies that are looking to take the next step. Using our expertise, we can help any company to develop a customised project.

COVID-19 brings health at work further into the spotlight

Taking care of the health of your employees has become more important than ever. It is now commonly known that every company should see this as an essential part of its business as the importance of healthy habits in the areas of exercise, nutrition, mental health and sleep cannot be underestimated, certainly in times of COVID-19. These healthy habits strengthen the immune system of your employees, both at home and in the workplace. While increased efforts for everyone's health has been a distinguishing factor for many companies recently, this has now become a basic requirement.

Today's challenges

Employee health has become one of the major challenges for modern organizations, even before the COVID-19 crisis. That is one of the findings of the Benefits Trends Survey conducted by HR consultant Willis Towers Watson.

The rise of …

  • Work-related stress
    Stress levels reach all time high: 18% throughout Europe and up to 37% in Flanders.
  • Long-term absenteeism
    Rates reach up to 6% of working time and 41% of those absent have been sick for more than a year.
  • Obesity
    Already more than half of all Europeans are overweight. Obesity numbers are nearing the quarter mark.
  • War for talent
    Anno 2020, the ability to attract, develop, and retain talent is more crucial than ever before.

And at the same time, the fall of …

  • Employee engagement
    28% are neither engaged nor committed. Moreover, 54% of all employees are demotivated.
  • Employee retention
    In 2019, 51% of people had planned to move jobs by the end of the year: employee turnover is a critical and expensive issue many businesses are facing today.
There are clear links between a good health programme and less absence, better staff retention and higher productivity.Lex Moerings, Head of Health & Benefits at Willis Towers Watson Nederland

The wealth of wellbeing

  • Improved physical and mental resilience
  • A solid employer brand
  • Elevated company culture
  • Re-energised and retained top talent

Value beyond the numbers

Evidence is growing that wellbeing drives performance. You should see wellbeing as an asset, a game changer and a way to win. Fully embrace wellbeing and make a cultural shift on the path to success. Link a wellconsidered wellbeing programme to your sustainable goals and initiatives and create a knock-on effect.

From health to wellbeing to business performance: companies gradually step up the wellbeing maturity ladder to have more impact. That is why we are moving towards a culture where wellbeing is inclusive, not exclusive.

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Tailored to your goals

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We always start with an audit and we listen to the specific objectives and ambitions of the customer. Some want to bring down absenteeism and focus on health. Others want to be an attractive company on the labor market and want an edge in the war on talent; for example, they look at exciting sporting challenges for employees. We typically work around these objectives:

  • Human Capital: improving the physical, mental and emotional resilience of all employees. A happy, healthy and fit team is the beating heart of a successful company.
  • Employer branding: creating a strong brand, stimulating pride, boosting a committed team experience. This way you can attract and retain top talent as a company.
  • Corporate culture: building a positive and inspiring corporate culture. This supports strong team dynamics, efficient collaboration, growth and success.
Your investment in health has an average ROI of 2.38. But the value created goes way beyond financial gain. Let your company flourish in all its aspects.Kristof De Smet, CEO Energy Lab

Together we ensure that wellbeing and movement become a structural part of the corporate DNA. We use a holistic view on wellbeing:

  • Move: we motivate your workforce to move at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Nutrition: we raise awareness on healthy nutrition and inspire better food choices.
  • Mental resilience: we strengthen your employees’ emotional and mental resilience.
  • Sleep: we promote good habits that increase quality of sleep.
4 Pillars
The four pillars of our holistic approach to wellbeing: exercise, nutrition, mental health and sleep.

The building blocks of an effective corporate wellbeing approach

Every company - from SME to multinational - is different and requires a specific approach. We will work together to set up a sustainable and impactful corporate wellbeing programme. For this we work with the following building blocks:

  • Create more involvement in your wellness initiatives thanks to our interactive and responsive wellbeing platform. This platform is your central hub for all activations, events and wellbeing campaigns and is connected via popular apps and activity trackers. Discover the value of such a corporate wellbeing platform.
Corporate Wellbeing Platform
The corporate wellbeing platform is responsive to different screen sizes and connects to the most popular activity trackers.
  • Storytelling about inspiring and authentic stories from the health ambassadors among your employees. After all, corporate wellbeing is about people. Together we select a number of employees who today - for whatever reason - live less healthy. Through personal guidance, we give them a boost to live a more active, sporty and healthier life. These ambassadors give a voice and face to the corporate wellbeing programme and ensure the spread of the 'health virus' within your company. Read here how we work exactly.
The Adecco Win for Youth ambassador programme is a way for our people to get active and to be engaged in sport. To do something with their team, while supporting a good cause and bringing our message across.Cynthia Hansen (Head of the Adecco Group Foundation)
  • We offer a diverse range of keynotes and workshops on specific topics within our holistic wellbeing model. These are presented by (ex-) top athletes or 'thought leaders' and experts within the discussed theme. Keynotes that inspire people and make them think about their physical lifestyle and mood. Discover our range of inspiring speakers.
Sven Nys Keynote

Bring Sven Nys to your company.

Foto Evi The Truh About Food

Bring Evi Van Acker to your company.

  • Get a good overview of the health of your company. For this we have developed three different tests:
    • Health scan: have your employees tested and guided by our coaches and receive valuable insights about the health profile of your company.
    • Human Capital Scan: in collaboration with Better Minds at Work we offer a thorough psychosial risk analysis. What sets us apart from the rest: in addition to stressors, we also measure what gives your employees energy.
    • Company scan: on the basis of an online survey, we investigate what your employees are concerned with in terms of vitality and health.
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The step test is one of the elements in the Health Scan.

Human Capital Scan Min 1

With the Human Capital Scan we map what gives and takes energy.

  • Give an extra dose of energy to your events. Different formulas are available:
    • On site activations: get people moving with fun on site activations. A great way to put wellbeing in the spotlight and improve the business atmosphere.
    • Energy Days: give your traditional team building or annual company outing an extra dose of energy! We combine physical and sports activities with keynotes and inspiring speakers.
    • Corporate event: looking for a unique corporate event for your employees? Or do you want to invite customers / suppliers in a surprising way? Together we will look for a suitable formula for a successful event and an unforgettable experience!
    • Incentives - Energy Experiences: we offer a wide range of all-in incentive packages, including travel and accommodation worldwide, combining unique (sports) activities and business.

Fils de la Palette table tennis tournament.

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We organized an exclusive Spartacus Run for Deloitte.

Even more impact together with our partners

  • Better Minds at Work 
    Physical and mental wellbeing are inextricably linked. With the addition of Better Minds at Work, we offer a one-stop shop corporate wellbeing solution. Read here how we collaborate.
  • Peak4
    Wellbeing has a broad definition. Adaptability, a need for leadership and several generations sharing the same workplace. Peak4 leads companies through today's wellbeing challenges. Read here how we collaborate.

Fit employees are the beating heart of your company

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