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Corporate wellbeing platform


Engage your employees in your wellbeing initiatives through our interactive and responsive digital platform that informs, inspires and activates them. This platform is the central hub for all activations, events and wellbeing campaigns and is fuelled by connected apps & activity trackers.

The power of an integrated wellbeing platform

  • Central hub of your entire wellbeing story
  • Wide accessibility, at the office or remotely
  • Increased brand visibility

Main functionalities

  • Engaging challenges and health campaigns
  • Seamless connection with popular activity trackers & apps
  • Events module and subscription management
  • Training schedule generator for running & cycling
  • Energy Coins to reward healthy behaviour and engagement
Corporate Wellbeing Platform

Health Campaigns

An impactful wellbeing campaign is data driven. Via the online digital platform and through offline on-site activations we launch wellbeing campaigns that fit within your corporate health agenda. These campaigns vary in length and difficulty and comprise one or more of our 4 core pillars: move, nutrition, sleep and mental resilience.

4 Pillars

Engaging. Relatable. Fun. Our digital health coaches Jack & Joy put a face on corporate wellbeing and guide your employees through their healthy journeys.

Some of our campaigns

E2020 0110 Health Campaigns

Figures from our happy & healthy clients

  • 150.000 employees engaged
  • 50+ corporate wellbeing platforms built
  • 250+ health campaigns implemented

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