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Health Scan

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Discover your company's health profile. Get tested, be guided by our coaches and receive valuable insights on the general health conditions of your company. The fun way!

Fitness test

During some accessible physical tests the participants' fitness level is measured.  To get more information they have to answer a questionnaire about their physical activities, eating habits and mental state of mind. That's how our coaches analyse the general health status of your employees.

The participants will get more insights about endurance, strength, agility and balance.

Personal feedback

They receive personal results and feedback and learn what their strong points are and which aspects need to be improved.

A detailed, yet anonymous overview at company or group level is also provided. The perfect kick-off for your corporate wellbeing trajectory. It's also an inspiring teambuilding activity.


What's in it for your company?

  • Insights at company level & personal health feedback based on the results of the fitness test and questionnaire.
  • Tips and tricks for a healthier and improved lifestyle.
  • More mental power and energy.
  • A fun team building activity to do with your colleagues.

Practical information

The health scan can be organised at any location and is guided by one or more Energy Lab coaches.

  • 90'
  • Minimum of 20 participants
  • € 2,000 / € 100 extra per additional person

More info?

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