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Human Capital Scan


We will measure your employees’ enthusiasm and how burnout-proof your organization and teams are.

“What gives my employees energy?”
“How do my employees become physically and mentally stronger?”
“What causes stress to my employees?”
“What inspires and leads to good and better work results?”
“Which way leads to better self-development and development?”

Important questions, which often remain unanswered. The Human Capital Scan offers answers. By means of a 25-minute questionnaire you get an in-depth analysis, both physically and mentally. You will gain insights into what energizes your employees, and what stressors they are struggling with. On an individual, team and organizational level. So you know which buttons you can turn for more enthusiasm.


We use the world-renowned Job Demand-Resources model, interwoven with scientifically validated questionnaires on health culture and lifestyle.

What do we measure?

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  • The tool that gives 360° insight from a scientific basis.
    – Psychosocial (mental) factors
    – Lifestyle of your employees
    – Health culture within your company
  • Only company that has screening, consulting and implementation of solutions in-house.
  • Focuses not only on risk factors/stressors in the workplace, but also on energy sources.
  • Our scan measures the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on your employees.
  • Individual report with practical tips and tailor-made group reports (e.g. per department or comparison between locations).

The Human Capital Scan is a co-creation of Better Minds at Work & Energy Lab.

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We are happy to present our working method when you want to start up our Human Capital Scan.
The turnaround time from phase 1 up to and including 6 takes 2,5 months.

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We provide brain-friendly reports that are informative for individual employees, team leaders and management. Each report provides concrete tools to get started in the short and long term. Better Minds at Work is also your partner to create support among your employees. After all, we bring a positive and enthusiastic story and ensure that the importance of the measurement is clearly experienced, before and after the measurement.

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Curious how your company could leverage corporate well-being?

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