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We have supported more than a thousand employees live healthier lives

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How do you ensure thousands of employees working for a multinational company can live a healthier life? We took that challenge on with Deloitte.

Giving people energy to give their all

Deloitte is one of the largest international financial and business services organisations. We encouraged their employees to live healthier and get moving more, regardless of their current physical level. Our goal? Giving people the energy they need to give their all - both on the work floor and beyond.

We did this by constantly focusing on the large and small adjustments that can have an impact on this. And they are different from person to person: one requires more exercise, the other finds healthy eating or a good sleeping pattern is more important.

To achieve this, we launched the Energise@Deloitte project that consisted of different sections. For example, there were campaigns on the work floor, events, digital challenges through our online platform, guidance for a select group of ambassadors. We took a very broad approach that was not only aimed at the employees, but also at the customers and potential employees.

Overarching goal

Everything in the project for Deloitte had an overarching goal: achieving 500,000 km together. This was possible both by walking and running - everyone got a pedometer - as well as cycling or completing other challenges.

  • Running and walking
  • Cycling
  • Other sports

The kick-off

A video in which the story and objectives were explained was shared to kick off the project. The CEO also made a contribution and encouraged the employees to participate in the project. The concept of Sneaker Fridays was also launched at the same time, a day on which employees could come to the office on sneakers. An important signal to indicate that movement & health are high on the agenda.


When the peak of 500,000 km was achieved, the Deloitte Digitruck was donated to a good cause. This solar powered trailer serves as a mobile IT lab and brings computers and mobile access to students in South Africa.

The ambassadors

40 Deloitte employees who wanted to take an extra step under the guidance of Energy Lab were recruited from the staff. They rode the Col du Galibier or ran the (half) marathon of Brussels that same year. For a year, they were tested and trained by the Energy Lab coaches. Their enthusiasm ensured others in the company also caught the sports and health virus!

Every employee of Deloitte could participate in numerous sporting events - for example, the Antwerp 10 Miles or the City Run De Gentenaar. One offer that attracted many employees, and that was also interesting for the employer branding of Deloitte: participants were always welcomed in our VIP tents.


In cooperation with Deloitte, we also organised a major finale event: our own Spartacus Run in which more than 2,400 employees took part. The course not only consisted of a series of physical tests, but also contained mental assignments. Each participant received 10,000 extra steps towards our steps goal.

During our Spartacus Run, the ambassadors warmed up with a real NZ Haka, the famous warm-up of the All-Blacks rugby team.

Campaigns during the year

During the year, promotions and campaigns about various themes took place in the Deloitte offices. They revolved around healthy nutrition, exercise and mental health. These campaigns ran both online and offline, via social media, promotions in the workplace, and monthly workshops.

  • Participation rate
  • Employees who exercise more
  • Ambassadors

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