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Energy@Home campaign kept 50,000 employees active during the lockdown

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Engaging content, written down by experts in their respective fields. And through online webinars. Our first Energy@Home campaign was well received by ten of our clients, who employ nearly 50,000 people. During a 7-week campaign, they were handed the knowledge to adapt and overcome this new reality.

The coronavirus has deeply impacted the way we live. Working from home, social distancing and limitations to our freedom to come and go as we please. We alter our habits and are challenged both physically and mentally. Because giving up on what we know - our routine - can take its toll. But no crisis comes without opportunity. Our Energy@Home campaign takes on two goals covering a handful of aspects that concern your physical and mental wellbeing. First, we offer insights on how to make the best out of the current situation. Make the best hand with the cards we’re dealt. Covering the topics of physical activity, mental health, nutrition, sleep, ergonomics, and productivity.

How do you create a fun working place at home? And how do you make it so your back and shoulders don’t ache after just one day? How can you beat those corona cravings and are there still ways to get in a killer workout at home? Those are questions we answer for you in a weekly newsletter. Second, we also propose a new take on this new reality we have to embrace. What can you do to alleviate the corona-induced stress, and how do you arrange your new routine to get in those much-needed hours of sleep? Food for thought.

Campaign elements

  • Start of the campaign in the week of 30/3, with a possibility to join later.
  • weekly email with relevant articles on movement (incl ergonomy), nutrition, sleep and mental health.
  • Weekly webinar (30’) with, among others, Paul Van Den Bosch, Elke Geraerts, Evi Van Acker,... for which your employees can register.
  • Productivity tips.
  • Sharing of #energyathome best practices.
  • Extra engagement & interaction proposals.

Let's reconnect

The return to the 'new normal' can also use appropriate guidance.

The “Let’s Re-Connect” campaign prepares you to cope with uncertain times and to get the confidence to get back on track. This campaign will give you insights on how to emotionally re-connect with your peers, help you focus and define new goals. And of course we’ll guide you to stay fit and healthy also in post-corona times.

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