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10 tips for exercising in the heat


The beautiful, sunny weather and the holidays are the ideal recipe for an invigorating sports session. But beware, it is best to take some extra measures if you exercise in the sun. Therefore, follow our highly recommended tips so that you do not overheat.

1. Keep it healthy!

Exercise is healthy, but if you put in efforts for which you are not physically prepared, it can have the opposite effect. It is therefore recommended not to put too much stress on your body, especially at high temperatures.

2. Avoid an overdose of sun!

Now that the sun is out, I have to take full advantage of it. That's how many people think. Also athletes. Completely right of course. But know that the sun's power is strongest around noon/early afternoon and that's when it can do the most damage to your body. If you do decide to exercise, do so preferably in the morning or in the evening, when it is not yet too hot. If you go for a walk in warm temperatures, you will find refreshment in the forest.

3. Don't expose yourself!

Do not exercise with a (half) bare torso. Not only can you get burned by it, but because of the larger contact surface with the sun, your skin will also absorb more heat and the body temperature will rise as a result. Lubricate your exposed skin enough anyway!

4. Wear white clothes

Wear thin and airy clothing so that your body can lose the heat easily. Wear white instead of black to absorb as little heat as possible.

5. Eat carbohydrate-rich foods!

In hot weather, your carbohydrate burn goes up. That is why it is recommended to eat a carbohydrate-rich meal, such as pasta, rice, couscous, quinoa, white sandwiches or pancakes.


6. Anticipate Salt Loss!

Add some extra salt to your meal or sports drink. That keeps the water in your body.

7. Prehydrate!

In general, drink a little more water. After all, with everyday activities you also lose more fluid than in normal circumstances. Don't overdo it and go by your thirst.

8. Drink during exercise too!

Opt for water for gentle exertion, if the intensity is higher, an isotonic drink or thirst quencher is recommended.

9. Don't mess with water too much!

During a competition, a garden hose, some sponges or cups of water can provide pleasant refreshment. However, do not pour the water over your head uncontrollably, because wet shoes can sometimes leave your feet with blisters.

10. Drink after your run too!

It is of course also important in hot weather to replenish the lost moisture. Drink as soon as possible after the effort, preferably a recovery drink!

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