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7 reasons to stay active in 2020


“Stay active, stay healthy,” it’s a saying you might’ve heard. You know it’s true, we know it’s true … But do you know about all the benefits for your body? We’ve listed the most important ones for you.

1. Young at heart

Take staying active to heart. You lessen the likelihood of getting a heart disease and you bump up the number of blood vessels. Furthermore, formation of blood clots is reduced. 

2. Into insulin

It also helps prevent type 2 diabetes. How? Simply put: your blood sugar levels go down, which boosts sensitivity to insulin so that less is needed to transport glucose into cells. 

3. Colon says cheers

You reduce the risk for developing colon and breast cancers, and possibly cancers of the endometrium (uterine lining) and lung. By helping you attain a healthy weight, the risk for cancers in which obesity is a factor goes down as well. 

4. Win against bone loss

When combined with calcium, vitamin D, and bone-saving medications if necessary, exercises like strength training or a simple walk helps ward off age-related bone loss. Activities like tai chi and yoga help prevent falls that may end in fractures. 

5. A joint effort

By staying active, you protect your joints by easing swelling, pain, and fatigue and by keeping cartilage healthy. 

6. Knee(d) help?

Physical activity may limit and even reverse knee problems by helping to control weight. Did you know that every pound of weight loss reduces the load on the knee by 4 pounds? 

7. Morale matters

Getting started is the hard part. But once you make work of it, your morale will skyrocket by releasing mood-lifting hormones. In some studies, exercising regularly has helped ease mild to moderate depression as effectively as medication. 

You don’t have to do the math: stay active and add some years to your life. However, physical activity might not always seem easy to fit into your busy calendar. You’d think so right? Yet it does not have to be as time-consuming as you might assume. Semi-intensive training of half an hour for 5 days a week, such as a steady walk or bicycle commute, can do the trick. 

Are you ready to go, but you need a helping hand to get started? Have a look at our online coaching programmes on MyEnergyLab or come down for an endurance test and receive a personal training schedule and professional advice from our coaches. 

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