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You can move towards a good mood

Mental Health

A bit of exercise does not only help you stay fit; it also nourishes your soul. Working out gives you a superb state of mind. What’s the reason behind all that and which sports are best to improve your mood?

You don’t just exercise for a healthy body, but also for a healthy soul. Some of that Monday Blues? Exercise and improve your mood. We believe you need peace of mind to live to the fullest. 

SED, not SAD 

Working out also protects you against stress, depression and anxiety disorders. It isn’t simply that fulfilling run that makes you zen, but mainly thanks to the released hormones: Serotonin, Endorphin and Dopamine (SED). These hormones provide you with a euphoric sense and even regulate your appetite and sleep patterns.
Apart from these hormones, sports bring along a plethora of pleasant consequences:

  • your concentration levels increase;
  • you have more energy;
  • you don’t have time to worry when working out;
  • and you feel more confident. 

One episode of Friends

You don’t have to exercise for hours at a time to enjoy these mental upsides: 20 to 30 minutes should get you there. In other words, the same length as one single episode of Friends. Perfect in terms of timing, because it can take up to half an hour before your body starts producing these ‘happiness hormones’. 

Above all, choose a sport that you like. Beginner? Start out slow and steady and set an achievable goal. Let’s have a look at some good sports to improve your mood:

  • Yoga: yes, the most relaxing sport.
  • Walking: a nice walk provides pleasure and tranquillity. Moreover, a nature walk has a stress-reducing effect.
  • Running: the perfect sport to boost your endorphin production. Perhaps you’ve already heard of a ‘runners high’?
  • Dancing: go wild on some good tunes and dance your worries away.
  • Swimming: the ideal alternative for those who do not like to run or suffer from an injury. It’s also less strenuous than running.

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