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Challenge: 30 days 0.0

Corporate Wellbeing

Did you notice that more and more people are ordering a glass of water in the pub? Or that lots of breweries are launching alcohol-free alternatives. Or what about mocktails taking up a bigger chunk of the drinks menu? Sober is trendy. Especially among the ever-growing group that opts for a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

The benefits if you teetotal for a month are plenty:

  • You sleep better,
  • You peak mentally and physically,
  • You lose some weight,
  • Your wallet is grateful.

But what is more important is that people who drink alcohol regularly develop a fatty liver. A fatty liver is the main cause of chronic liver conditions. Also, you a more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases. A month without any alcohol can lead to less excess liver fat and lower cholesterol.

Liver takes sabbatical

Belgian and Dutch livers had to work overtime during the Holidays. It’s not a bad idea to send your liver into hibernation after a month of excessive alcohol consumption, right? We agree: that’s why Energy Lab isn’t only in favour of campaigns such as Ikpas (in the Netherlands) and Tournée Minérale (in Belgium), but also devised an alcohol-free campaign in the corporate wellbeing campaign offering.

The campaign made me realize that it is rather a habit to drink a beer or glass of wine, while there are so many delicious alcohol free alternatives!Stijn - participant campaign

Comprehend, experience and abstain 

With this, Energy Lab also wants to spread the non-alcoholic message in the workplace and motivate employees to go for 0.0% alcohol for 30 days. Participants learn about what alcohol does to their body, the positive effects when they teetotal and get practical tips to get through that month without being tempted. On top of that, they also get delicious and healthy non-alcoholic alternatives.

You’re in this together 

It can feel a bit awkward when you are at a party without a beer bottle in hand. But make your environment understand and tell them about your mission. You will see that colleagues, friends and family members might even join you. This way the alcohol free period goes down as a victory for body and soul!

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