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Energy Lab and For Good join forces for a healthier world

Corporate Wellbeing

Energy Lab is focusing even more on promoting an active, healthy and sustainable lifestyle through its partnership with For Good, a mobile app that allows you to measure and compensate for your carbon footprint.

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For Good

For Good has released a mobile app (For Good) that allows you to measure and compensate for your carbon footprint. In 2013, the app emerged from the brains of Koen Jaspers and Maarten Desmet. These driven entrepreneurs with a passion for sustainability wanted to motivate as many people as possible to reduce their carbon footprint, and, in turn, make the world a little bit greener together. In their journey, they were supported by computer scientists, marketing and communication professionals, behavioural scientists and project managers. All with the same conviction: sustainability must be made easier.

“Almost everyone (80% of Belgians) wants to live more sustainably, but most people do not immediately know how. At the same time there is a perception that sustainability is enormously restrictive. For Good wants to prove the complete opposite. With a few small efforts you can reduce your ecological footprint, and therefore ensure that your environment becomes a little greener again. Sustainable life, difficult? Think again! Through the partnership with Energy Lab, we want to accelerate the launch of our app at the numerous companies and brands that make their employees and customers aware of their ecological footprint.”CEO Maarten Desmet - For Good

For Good app

Our Why

The credo of For Good, a better society by making sustainability simpler, therefore fits perfectly with the mission of Energy Lab to create a healthier world by actively working on exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mental resilience.

"The partnership with For Good fits perfectly with our vision whereby we want to guide as many people as possible towards a healthy lifestyle. In many cases, the best choices for health are also the best choices for the planet. The themes of exercise and nutrition are crucial in our behavior-changing health programs and are so closely linked to ecology that this was an obvious opportunity for us. Today, some of our challenges and campaigns are all about the CO2 footprint, but with the addition of the For Good app we can offer a much richer experience & raise much more awareness.”CEO Kristof De Smet - Energy Lab

More info?

For more information about Energy Lab and the For Good app, contact or call +32 474 84 18 99.

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