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KeepMoving will be the online exercise platform for companies and employees

Corporate Wellbeing

Energy Lab now targets companies with KeepMoving. With this digital platform, organizations of any size can launch their own exercise challenge in no time and motivate their employees to exercise and move towards a healthier lifestyle. “Because a healthy body works,” says Kristof De Smet, CEO of Energy Lab, which is part of Golazo.

Step towards a more active life 

Working Belgians, and especially those who perform a sedentary job, do not move enough. KeepMoving invites people to develop a more active lifestyle in a fun way through individual or team challenges. “With our challenges we want to activate employees and bring them together, after a difficult period in which many still work and live separately from each other,” says De Smet. KeepMoving wants to reach as many companies and employees as possible and ensures that participants can register easily thanks to a smooth connection of their activity trackers and apps. 

Energy Lab thus gives the existing KeepMoving platform a new direction and purpose. “We launched an exercise platform at the start of the lockdown in March, which proved to be a smashing success with more than 50,000 registered users. We then offered participants a virtual variant of an existing physical Golazo event,” tells De Smet. With this “KeepMoving 2.0”, Energy Lab adapts their consumer concept for companies. “These challenges offer employees within companies a low-threshold springboard to a healthier life: from a Tour de France cycling challenge to sporting around the world.”

With our challenges we want to activate employees and bring them together, after a difficult period in which many still work and live separately from each other.”

Employee engagement 
In addition to a healthy mind in a healthy body, KeepMoving also aspires more employee engagement. “Whether the challenge of choice is individual, in team or with the entire organization, we are working towards a stronger group spirit and increased engagement.” According to Energy Lab, that is possible for companies of all shapes and sizes. “KeepMoving is an exercise platform that mainly focuses on companies that want to be close to their employees. With real-time data, they acquire useful insights into the progress of the challenge. Anyone who wants to build on a broader wellbeing story and employer branding after one or more challenges, wo also offer made-to-measure corporate wellbeing solutions,” says De Smet.

Fit for charity 
For companies that want to contribute to charity, such as the upcoming edition of the Warmest Week, which will take place this year from 18 to 24 December, KeepMoving has developed the 'Fit for charity’ challenge. All employees exercise together and reach a kilometre goal. If the goal is met, the company donates to the charity that the employees have decided on together.

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