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Losing sleep over lost money?

Corporate Wellbeing

We advise you to get a good night’s sleep and try not to think about it too much, because science says the two go hand in hand. Studies by the National Sleep Foundation show that almost 50% of people say low-quality or a lack of sleep affects their personal and work life at least once a week. Making them weary and less productive.

Fatigue fallout
The economical backlash of our deteriorating bed habits is rising. No, it’s not a dream: research indicates that bad sleepers saw their productivity and performance drop significantly. Fatigue-related productivity losses totalled nearly 2,000 dollars a year per employee. Another American study made a national report and claims it costs the American economy 411 billion dollars annually!

Loon naar slapen

Simple tasks become hard tasks
How does this translate onto the work floor? Sleep-deprived and insomniacs spend almost three times as much on time management tasks. Not to mention they become less motivated, forgetful and develop slower and blurred decision-making skills.

It goes without saying that the benefit of sufficient sleep is still being underestimated. Did you know that there are 24% more heart attacks in the days after we change to Daylight Saving Time? And inversely, we see a similar drop when we regain an hour of sleep in October.

Affects mind and body
Next to toned-down mental capabilities, it also has an impact on your physical wellbeing. Lack of sleep can increase risk of respiratory diseases, it affects body weight, hormone production and weakens the immune system. Meaning a person takes longer to recover from illness and risk of chronic illnesses goes up as well: not that great when talking sickness absence rates.

Sleep & save in Japan
That’s why a Japanese company came with an inventive solution. Japan has some of the longest working hours in the world, and Japanese wedding planning business Crazy Inc. wants to take a totally different approach. They caught on to the fact that well-rested employees are more productive employees. How they aspire to prevent sleep deprivation? Employees who manage six hours of sleep for at least five days per week are rewarded for it.

The employees use an app to measure their sleeping patterns to help them earn points, which can be used to pay in the work canteen. The maximum credit that employees can accumulate comes to approximately € 495 per year. Considering the economical loss of around $ 2,000 per employee mentioned before, that’s a good piece of business, right?

Well rested, wellbeing
But sometimes offering financial gain is only a half measure. Energy Lab devises several corporate wellbeing campaigns that eye a profound change in employees’ actions and habits in order to ameliorate their sleeping patterns, and broader also their wellbeing and productivity at work and beyond.

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