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Alcohol free and just as happy


Are you taking up the challenge and bidding the booze goodbye for February? Cheers! However, you still need to find a ‘grown up’ alternative? We got you covered.

Are you taking up the challenge and bidding the booze goodbye for February? Cheers! For most teetotallers, the hardest part about it isn’t the actual not drinking but having to find an interesting and socially accepted drink as an alternative. Because nobody likes being the odd one out sipping on a soda on a night out. Especially if your social group is enjoying a sophisticated glass of wine. But hey, there is a solution to this problem! 

 It’s simple really: non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks. The non- (or low) alcoholic sibling of big brother beer and sophisticated sister wine. The other good news? The market is ever-growing, making that low and no alcohol drinks are trending.

So, what is a low alcohol or non-alcoholic drink? 

Although packaged just like the “real deal”, the low or non-alcohol alternatives contain, as the name suggests, zero or lower percentages of alcohol. So, what counts as low alcohol? Low-alcohol drinks contain only 0.5 to 1.2 % of alcohol. Not to be confused with the so-called ‘reduced alcohol drinks’. These drinks contain an alcohol % lower than the average alcohol % of their alcoholic counterpart. E.g. wine with 5.5% alcohol is a reduced alcohol drink, because it contains less alcohol than a regular bottle of wine. Same goes for non-alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks. Contrary to non-alcoholic drinks, the alcohol-free alternatives still contain a very small amount of alcohol, limited to 0,05%.  

Low or just no?

No- or low-alcohol drinks are the perfect way to enjoy a ‘grown up’ drink without the alcohol – and its effects – wearing you down. Because of it’s rising popularity, there is no shortage of no- or low-alcohol options: from light wines to alcohol free beers and even alcohol-free gin! And this with almost no deviation in taste. 

However, less or no alcohol means there is always a substitute. Here it’s sugar. Especially ‘light’ or zero wines and mocktails can contain quite some sugar to make up for the lack of alcohol. So, just like with anything in life, go for moderation.

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