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In need of creativity? Go for a walk!


When you read this title, you may think this is a promotional add to encourage you to walk more. Yes and no. Because what you read is correct, and the vast majority of neurologists agree with this.

Some neurologists therefore advise walking an hour a day, and preferably in a natural environment. However, that does not have to be a full hour every day. According to one of the many studies, just 8 minutes of brisk walking is enough to revitalise your creative soul. By walking every day you can make significant progress in various cognitive processes in your brain, such as your memory, comprehension, and creativity.

Walking stimulates divergent thinking, the thinking process that triggers new ideas, while linear thinking declines. This is partly because more oxygen flows to your brain when walking. Research shows that your creative output is up to 60% higher during and after a walk than when you brainstorm from your office chair. So, bring a notebook when you go out! This way you can immediately write down your genius ideas along the way. Although, according to research, that creativity boost continues to work for a while when you sit down after a walk.

Walking ensures a natural release of endorphins, also known as the happiness hormones.

Result after one week 

Of course you will not get that result from day one. But after just a week you can already notice the results and your brain becomes more relaxed. The extra portion of oxygen stimulates the frontal lobe. It is associated with creativity and your state of mind. Walking also ensures a natural release of endorphins, also known as the happiness hormones. On the other hand, the stress hormone cortisol disappears. Walking also activates the prefrontal cortex, which leads to the inhibition of negative thoughts. All this makes us feel more relaxed after our walk and feel more excited and enthusiastic. 

Nature, naturally!

Unfortunately, our 'walking trips’ are often limited to small spaces: in our house, at work or when we buy groceries in the supermarket. These are all spaces that sometimes bring along a form of "tension". That is why it is important that you visit nature when hiking. Walking in the city is also not ideal, because that way you miss that pure and filtered oxygen of Mother Nature. Therefore, go to the forest, the park or the beach and you will notice that you make physical and emotional progress in short time.

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