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Energy Lab and Peak4 bundle their expertise: “Finally a comprehensive approach for wellbeing”


Energy Lab and Peak4 share their know-how and offer a comprehensive wellbeing package. A solution for value seekers, who aspire a clear wellbeing vision.


Fragmented wellbeing

The way we work in the western world, doesn’t work. To say the least, employers face new challenges. A well-considered wellbeing policy (and approach) is crucial. “From gym subscriptions to family therapy and from leadership culture to purpose, it all influences wellbeing and therefore performance.”

New decade, new beginnings. Energy Lab and Peak4 have been sharing their know-how since the end of 2019. Everything wellbeing now comes together. “Companies do feel they have a responsibility when you talk about employee wellbeing. We see a lot of initiatives, just very fragmented. A bigger plan, or vision, is often missing,” says Dirk Loots, founder of Peak4. “But fair is fair, there are barely any companies that offer a programme than embraces the full width of wellbeing. Now we can and that’s what makes us unique.”

“Companies do feel they have a responsibility when you talk about employee wellbeing."Dirk Loots - founder of Peak4

The full wellbeing package

Loots tells this added value can be visualised perfectly with an infographic by HR thought leader Josh Bersin. “Energy Lab is a pioneer in terms of ‘health’ and ‘fitness’, where Peak4 has focused on ‘sustainable performance.’ We merge on the point of ‘wellbeing’. Because we complement each other, sharing our know-how is a logical next step. Wellbeing cannot be summarised in a single term. It’s a very broad subject. More than ever, companies see capable people suffer from a burnout. Engagement, in particular the lack thereof, is also becoming an issue. We offer a joint solution.”

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New challenges

“But companies also have to cope with new challenges, such as different generations working together. A third of the working population currently consists of millennials (people born between 1985 and 2000). They look at work in a very different way than generations before them. Personal development is more important to them. We offer programmes that cater to those needs, as an extra to existing traineeships. Young graduates not only get to know the company, but also themselves. It allows them to find a position in which they can created added value.”

Adapt to lead

We don’t only look at the new kids on the block. Experienced managers also come and knock on Peak4’s door. “We get calls from management who’ve concluded their company isn’t ready for today’s challenges, not to mention the future. Mostly not on a strategical level, but on a human level. Things like leadership, sharing responsibilities, showing vulnerability, working together in changing teams with alternating tasks, … it asks for a cultural transition. These are mostly long-term trajectories in which we involve the entire organization, starting with the top level.”µ


By tackling these themes, Loots wants to offer companies the tools for sustainable performance. And to peak at the right times, which is where the name stems from. And what about the 4? It refers to the four elements needed to achieve this: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Curious how your company could leverage corporate well-being?