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September: symbolic for your sporting ambitions


September is seen by many as a month of transition. A month that bridges the gap between the playful summer and the orderly and structured autumn season. It is also the period in which many people start exercising again. As a lot of events and competitions kick off in September, you don’t have to look far for an explanation.

But we are all so busy these days. Which sometimes makes it seem difficult to plan your workout. Or is that just an easy excuse to postpone your good sporting intentions? Research shows that we (with somewhat better planning) have an average of 2.5 hours of free time per day. We provide you with some tips on how to adjust your seemingly overflowing schedule to your sporting ambitions.

  • Write it down in your agenda

Plan your workout, be it in your online calendar or on a note sheet. By committing yourself to your good intentions, you are less likely to skip your workout. If you have children, make sure that your planned workout does not overlap with activities of your partner – via a shared calendar.

  • Set achievable goals

Determine achievable and intermediate goals. You rarely achieve a goal that is too ambitious from the start. You lose your drive and give up. It certainly does not always have to be an exhausting 180 km bike ride, or a 2-hour endurance run. A gentle run during your lunch break, half an hour on the home trainer before work or – when there is a shower at work – an active commute to the office can already yield great results.

  • Be productive

Do you ever get stuck in traffic? Then you may already be using those moments to listen to your favourite podcast. You can also do some multitasking while exercising: listen to an audiobook, browse through your Spotify Weekly list, or use that sporting moment to catch up with a friend.

  • Partner up

Need extra motivation? Ask a friend to join you. You will be more motivated when someone encourages you to go the extra mile. Whether it is running a few minutes longer or doing some extra reps in the gym. Your partner also holds you accountable. If you cancel your plans, you will not only disappoint yourself, but also your friend. Chances are you will keep exercising!

  • It’s only rain!

Keep in mind, we live in Central Europe, not along the equator. The weather can therefore be a let-down. But does a couple of raindrops have to stop your plans? With appropriate clothing you can continue to exercise outside. And running in the rain can feel refreshing, right? In case of heavy showers, be sure to find out which indoor activities your region has to offer. Get moving! 

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