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No physical activity for 2 weeks? This is what happens to your condition

Maybe you couldn't put on your running shoes for a while due to a busy schedule, or an injury threw a spanner in the works, or you simply had less motivation ... then you might wonder what the consequences are for your condition? They found an answer to that question at the University of Liverpool.

In a study on the impact of reduced physical activity, 28 healthy individuals were examined. They all had an active lifestyle, taking at least 10,000 steps a day. During the study, they significantly reduced their physical activity, including reducing the daily number of steps to 1,500. For example, they sat still for an average of 103 minutes more per day.

14 days later

The results showed a 2% decrease in cardiovascular health and a 4% decrease in VO2 max. On average, waist circumference also increased by 1 centimetre and the fat percentage by 0.5%.

Simultaneous timeline

That is already a noticeable drop. But before you panic ... they also examined how long it takes to regain your lost condition and fitness. After 14 days – the exact same time the activity was scaled back – the tested individuals had regained their previous form.

So, try to make exercise a daily habit and avoid the negative impact of not getting enough daily physical activity. If you do have to sit on the side lines because of an injury, you can always fall back on the fact that your condition will be back to normal just as quick as the time you have to sit still.

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