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Revamped Start 2 Run app focuses on better user experience


Energy Lab aims to get people moving. This is being achieved through sports labs and corporate wellbeing campaigns, but also thanks to the popular running app Start 2 Run. “An app that goes beyond raw stats,” says Kristof De Smet, CEO of Energy Lab.

Start 2 Run

Over the past 6 years, Start 2 Run recorded more than six million training sessions, gathered by more than half a million unique users. The widespread brand recognition of the interactive app has a two-fold explanation, according to De Smet: “First of all, the app offers you much more than just registering your running sessions. With the ability to share on all socials and music adjusted to your specific running pace, you get an immersive experience. This is reinforced by the aspect of personal coaching.”

Running as an experience

For years, radio and television host Evy Gruyaert has been the voice, face (and feet) of Start 2 Run. She doesn’t merely give the user training instructions and tips, but also encourages them along the way. Evy even addresses you by your first name, which makes your running experience all the more personal. “She is, as it were, your digital walking friend who is always ready to work out together and push your limits,” says De Smet.

“Evy helps you push your limits as your digital running friend” - Kristof De Smet, CEO Energy Lab

New app, more options

Since the release of the app six years ago, we have seen many new smartphones – with matching new software – enter the market. That is why the app has been completely revamped and now it responds even better to users’ personal needs. Updated linking and sharing options with Spotify and Instagram ensure an even more pleasant running experience.


App makes for unique life stories

“Every story is unique. And we want to offer the vibrant Start 2 Run community the opportunity to share their stories. The many posts on Instagram and Facebook are proof of that,” says the Energy Lab CEO. The revamped Start 2 Run app has already found its way to the public at large: one month after the release of the renewed app, 85,000 users have registered. The low-threshold functionalities also attract many beginners. The most popular training schedule is by far the build-up to your first 5 km. “Start 2 Run is perfectly in line with our mission to get people moving. It offers beginning athletes a foundation on which they can take their first steps in running in a responsible manner.” 

“I’m honoured to be able to speak in all those ears. It gives me a rush,” says Evy Gruyaert. “I want to inspire and motivate people and help them take better care of themselves. There’s a story of an elderly lady that will always stick with me. After her breast cancer, amputation and later a divorce, she fell into depression. Partly thanks to Start 2 Run, she rediscovered pleasure in life. Even today I am sometimes amazed how sports can help people in their lives.”

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