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What is a Health Scan and why does your company need it?

Corporate Wellbeing

The driving force of your company? People. Dare to invest in your human capital. Because it’s always an investment with a sustainable ROI. Get to know and nurture the physical health of your employees with a Health Scan from Energy Lab.

Thanks to our Health Scan you get valuable insights into the fitness of your people, and the general fitness of your company. These insights matter: healthy and fit employees undoubtedly offer important benefits to both the person and the company. First, the company shows commitment to the wellbeing of their employees. And a healthy workplace is by definition a more productive workplace. Let’s not forget about the lower illness and absenteeism rates.

Determination health profile

With a Health Scan we want to take action and move towards a healthier workplace. The scan maps the current individual and group health profile. We start with a questionnaire, asking about their good and bad habits. Think smoking and sitting, and specifics on movement patterns and dietary habits.

The questionnaire is supplemented by a physical test, after which we determine the fitness profile. First, we measure the body composition, as well as the abdominal circumference and BMI. Then certain exercises are used to measure balance, pinch force, flexibility of the legs and shoulders and stamina.

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Actual vs. biological age

Each of these tests receives a score, which has an influence on the final fitness profile. The sum also determines the biological age of the employees. Sometimes that comes as an eye-opener. Because the final score and biological age dare to deviate from the ‘healthy’ standards.

Action, action, action

Based on the scores, we prepare an individual nutrition and exercise plan, which employees discuss with an Energy Lab coach. It’s important to provide concrete means to break sitting habits and to get people to move more if they score below the standards. The main goal: to advance both physical and mental wellbeing. This is possible both at the individual level and at company level.

The Health Scan can be organised both on site and in the Energy Lab testing labs. You can complement this scan with Health Coaching, where our coaches guide your employees intensively for three to six months, supplemented by inspiring workshops. This makes a Health Scan the ideal starting point for your corporate wellbeing ambitions and initiatives.

Discover your company's health profile

Health Scan
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