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At Energy Lab, we guide athletes of different levels through the most professional tests and personal coaching. Our coaches are ready for you in our sports labs in Paal, Ghent, Leuven and Rotterdam.

Fit & Healthy package

Try out this unique personal health package and become the best version of yourself. Just working out, eating healthy, a good relax-focus interval or focusing on achievable goals? It’s the combination of these four elements that ensure you are able to better yourself.

Running condition test

It is not only top athletes who need a well-founded training schedule. You can also achieve your goal more easily and efficiently as a recreational athlete. We can chart your condition with this running test.

Cycling fitness test

We can chart your fitness via a cycling test. The scientific analysis of the test results ensures we can provide detailed advice and a training programme you can use immediately.

MyEnergyLab: your online training partner

Do you want to work towards your sporting objective in a responsible way? Using MyEnergyLab, you can prepare yourself in the best way possible with your online training partner using a personal training schedule.

Bike positioning

Several factors determine the correct position on the bike. A multi-disciplinary approach is therefore required. The bike must be adapted to the rider and not the other way around. Everyone has different body shapes and posture, as well as other objectives.

Nutritional consultation - Sports nutrition

The nutrition coaches guide you towards a healthier lifestyle and/or improved sporting performance on the basis of personalised dietary advice. We provide you with scientific and medical advice for both recreational, competitive and professional athletes.

Nutritional consultation Fit & Healthy

You do not have to be a fanatic sportsman to be interested in nutrition. Even if you want to change your dietary habits so you can meet your own objectives, your work programme or home schedule, you can come to us for custom guidance.

Analysis of the body composition

Optimal body composition will help you achieve your personal goals. During an analysis of the body composition using a DXA (Paal, Gent, Rotterdam) or Hologic scan (Leuven) scan, we accurately measure from which components your body weight is built up.

Sports Medical Examination

Our physician checks whether you can exercise safely by carrying out a sports medical examination.

Cycling Coaching

Energy Lab offers tailor-made training and coaching. Here you remain in close contact with your personal coach who prepares your programmes, checks your training and race data, and makes adjustments where necessary. Many services are included within these coaching formulas.

Saddle pressure measurement

Do you want to train more on the bike but a painful saddle is preventing you from doing this? Then this additional test at our bike positioning service is definitely something for you.

Running Coaching

At Energy Lab, you can opt for tailor-made running support. Here you remain in close contact with your personal coach who prepares your programmes, checks your training and race data, and makes adjustments where necessary. Many other services are also included within these coaching formulas.

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