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Arch support analysis

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Correct support of the foot and control of foot roll can prevent or eliminate complaints and overuse injuries. We provide advice on customised running shoes and custom-made orthotics based on a detailed sole analysis.

1. Intake interview

Do you suffer from injuries or pain while exercising? How many hours do you train every week at the moment?

These and many other questions will form the basis of any further analysis.

2. Leg length and body scan

With the help of a DXA scan, we determine the length of your legs, accurate to the millimetre. A difference in leg length will be revealed immediately.

In addition to the scan of your leg length, we also measure the muscle mass in the left and the right legs. We accurately visualise asymmetries of the lower limbs.

3. Muscle and joint flexibility

Your flexibility has a big impact on the pelvis, as well as on foot roll. This is why we screen the knee flexors, knee extensors, hip flexors, hip extensors and the iliotibial band (side leg and hip).

Energy Lab Nl Paul Raats Dsc 4225
Energy Lab Nl Paul Raats Dsc 3984

4. Foot scan

We measure the static and dynamic pressure distribution under the foot when standing, walking and running via a foot scan. We analyse your foot type and the way you roll your foot accurately on the basis of this measurement.

5. Back and pelvis scan

The Diers 4D scanner (4D = length, width, depth and time) is the latest technological gadget within Energy Lab. The system scans the full back curvature, pelvic position and the rotation of the vertebrae with respect to the pelvis and with respect to one another. This unique scan allows you to measure the effect of different types of running shoes and insoles immediately.

6. Recording foot roll

While walking on a treadmill ,we film your foot roll pattern using a high-speed camera. We do this both with and without shoes.

7. Discussion

Based on these measurements, we will discuss the findings and their relation to the ideal running shoes and whether there is a need for any arch support. Additionally, we will also provide advice about core stability and stretching exercises.

Arch support insoles can be made by Energy Lab from material, adapted to your body weight and activity (sport, everyday use, or work); they cost €175 per pair.

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