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Analysis of the body composition

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Optimal body composition will help you achieve your personal goals. During an analysis of the body composition using a DXA (Paal, Gent) or Hologic scan (Leuven) scan, we accurately measure from which components your body weight is built up.

1. Intake interview

We start the analysis with a few questions so we get a better view of your own body image and your objectives.

  • What are your objectives in terms of weight and body composition?
  • How does your body weight evolve throughout the year?
  • Do you sometimes suffer injuries?
  • Do you follow a specific diet?

2. Body scan

During the analysis, we will map the following issues:

  • Fat percentage and lean body mass of the total body and by region
  • Weight of each body region and comparison of left and right half of the body (for example, comparison of muscle mass in the left and right legs)
  • Weight and density of the bones by region and of the different bones in the body. This is an indicator for the strength of your bones. 

3. Discussion

The results of the analysis are discussed in detail  after the scan with particular attention being paid to your objectives. We also compare your results to your reference group. You will receive a detailed report with all the results. 

4. Reservations in Rotterdam

As of 13 September 2021, it is temporarily not possible to book an Analysis of the body composition in Rotterdam. We will keep you informed as soon as DXA scans are possible again in Rotterdam.

You will receive an excellent explanation of what all the values mean, and a good understanding of how your body is composed. I found it very interesting to see all the percentages in black on white. The atmosphere was also very friendly, very pleasant. You also receive great good tips about how to reduce your body fat percentage. Definitely recommended if you want to be more aware about your body. Nikki S.

Get a clear picture of your body composition

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