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Cycling Coaching


Energy Lab offers tailor-made training and coaching. Here you remain in close contact with your personal coach who prepares your programmes, checks your training and race data, and makes adjustments where necessary. Many services are included within these coaching formulas.

Competition cycling formula

Target group:

The passionate competitive athlete who requires weekly planning and adaptation of his/her training programme and who wants to be in close contact with his/her Energy Lab coach.

Contents of the package:

  • Tailor-made training programmes, on a weekly basis
  • Weekly updating of the programme.
  • Weekly analysis of training and competitions.
  • Use of online software to communicate and share data with your coach
  • Intake interview including setting up a profile, annual planning and objectives.
  • Includes 2 complete fitness tests + body composition analysis.
  • Additional services will be discussed at the start of the guidance.

Price:   €250 per month

Minimum duration: 6 months

Professional cycling formula

Target group:

Top athletes or highly motivated amateur athletes who want close guidance and remain in close contact with their Energy Lab coach.

Contents of the package: get in touch with info@energylab.be
Price: by mutual agreement
Minimum duration: 6 months

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