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Cycling fitness test


We can chart your fitness via a cycling test. The scientific analysis of the test results ensures we can provide detailed advice and a training programme you can use immediately.

All it takes is four clear steps to uncover your strengths and explain where there is still room for improvement:

1. Intake interview 

Using the intake interview as a foundation, we get a good picture of your sporting history. Past performance, injuries, goals and available training time are discussed here. All this will be used to get as complete a picture as possible of your objectives and expectations before the test starts. 

2. The fitness test

The fitness test consists of an ascending effort on your own bike or on the bike ergometer. We will measure and analyse various parameters during the test. Heart rate and lactic acid values help us to measure your fitness and decide upon your optimal training zones. A cool down and refreshing shower will follow your test. 

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3. Scientific analysis

The quality of your basic condition and intensity endurance, your resistance and past training activities determine the types of training most suitable for you. Your strengths and weaknesses are evaluated in relation to your reference group and translated into practical solutions.

Energy Lab only works with qualified sports scientists who have extensive experience in sports so an up-to-date scientific and qualitative analysis is guaranteed.

4. Training schedule

After an invigorating shower, time is taken to go through your test report and the training advice. In addition, you will receive a detailed and customised training schedule for 12 weeks that also takes into account your objectives and available time. You are now ready to achieve your sporting goals.

A very professional working method. A must for anyone who wants to get the most out of his sport (cycling) at his level.Jordy d.B.

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