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We have coached various athletes at Energy Lab over recent years. You can read about some of the unique and inspiring stories below!

Perfectly trained for an extreme bike challenge

Bart Haemelink prepared, together with Energy Lab, for Iron Man and an extreme bicycle challenge in Morocco. He tells his story.

From Start to Run to Half Marathon

Linsey Raymaeckers initially started running out of curiosity, but she soon caught the running bug.

Climbing the Stelvio as a prediabetic

Jan Bonné is an ex-prediabetic, and encourages others to live a healthier life and exercise more.

Testimony of a fervent cycling tourist

Wim Kempeneers is one of the first athletes who came to Energy Lab. About fifteen years later he is still a regular customer.

Supervision of top athletes

Tim Wellens is part of the Lotto Soudal cycling team. A few years ago, he was selected for an Energy Lab project, after which a new world opened up for him.

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