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Energy Lab Connect


Het digitale Energy Lab Connect platform wil alle werknemers en partners van jouw bedrijf dichter bij elkaar brengen, om samen te werken aan een gezond en veerkrachtig bedrijf, met energieke werknemers en partners! Daarom bieden we leuke challenges, inhoudelijke campagnes, events en zoveel meer aan, waar je alleen, of met je team kan aan deelnemen. Let’s move!

Our platform can be built up based on a standard version, or completely customised to your specific needs.

1. Online challenges

Engage with your colleagues with fun, but feasible challenges. Set a collective distance goal as a company so you can work together to achieve it. The idea is usually simple, the message even more powerful: move and enjoy the rewards!

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2. Communication & storytelling 

A platform acting as a central point for all corporate well-being initiatives. Recognisable for employees, handy for the project team. It is also a great way to highlight all the corporate well-being initiatives that are being taken. 

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3. Participate in events

The Energy Lab Connect platform has a very intuitive registration tool. Whether you are organising your own event, or participating in an existing event, all initiatives can be collected so people can register for them more easily.

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4. Energy Store  

Affordable partner deals for all your employees. Enjoy extra discounts from our partners and stimulate health within your company. 

5. My apps

Link your favourite health or sports app to our platform so all your activities are registered automatically. This means, you can participate in all kinds of challenging challenges throughout the year. 10,000 steps a day? Link your app and take the steps!

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