Biological age test


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You’re only as old as you feel. But is that really true? Take an Energy Scan at Golazo Energy and find out about your cardiovascular and physical fitness, the current composition of your body and your actual biological age. Based on the results, you will receive concrete advice that you can put to work.

What can you expect?

Prior to this Energy Scan, you must complete a validated sports medical questionnaire and bring the printed result with you. Depending on the result (green, orange or red), advice is given to perform a sports medical examination.

  • Green light: a sports medical examination is not necessary.
  • Orange light: a sports medical examination is recommended.
  • Red light: a sports medical examination is mandatory before the bicycle test can continue. This can be done at one of the sports doctors affiliated with SKA or Golazo Energy

You can find the questionnaire on

Please note that if you have not yet completed the questionnaire at the time of your bicycle test, you can fill it in on the spot, but your test will NOT take place if your result comes out red.

For the analysis of the body composition, we use an extremely precise full body DEXA scan. We map the following: Fat percentage and fat-free mass of the total body and per region, Weight of each body region and comparison of the left and right half of the body (e.g. comparison of muscle mass of the left and right leg), and weight and density of the bones by region and of the different bones in the body. This is an indicator of the strength of your bones.

During various low-threshold physical tests, your flexibility, balance and strength are measured. Afterwards you will receive a report with various benchmarks in relation to your reference group. Your biological age is determined on the basis of these tests, together with the results of the bicycle test.

This fitness test (+/- 15 minutes) consists of an edifying effort on your own bicycle or on the Golazo Energy bicycle ergometer. During the test we measure and analyse various parameters and you wear a mask to measure exactly how much oxygen you can absorb (= VO2 Max). This VO2 Max is expressed in an absolute and relative score (per kg of body weight) and is the best indicator to measure your cardiovascular fitness. After the test, there is a cooling down and you can enjoy a refreshing shower.

After an invigorating shower, extensive time is taken to go over the detailed test report and provide accompanying advice.