Effort test running


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It is not only top athletes who need a well-founded training schedule. You can also achieve your goal more easily and efficiently as a recreational athlete. We can chart your condition with this running test.

  • Analysis of your condition using lactate measurement
  • Personal run heart rate zones
  • Personal training schedule
  • Duration of the test: 120 minutes


A DEXA scan determines your body composition. You will gain insight into your bone density, weight, fat percentage and lean mass of the total body per region.

For the VO2 max, we determine during the test how much oxygen you can maximally absorb. This VO2 Max is expressed in an absolute and relative score (per kg body weight) and is the best indicator for measuring your cardiovascular fitness.

  • You choose your preferred location and time when booking.

  • Important: You must have completed your Sports Medical Questionnaire before you come to your appointment.

What can you expect?

Prior to your condition test, you must complete a validated sports medical questionnaire and take the result with you. Depending on the result (green, orange or red), a recommendation is given to conduct a sports medical examination.

- Red light: A sports medical examination is required before the exercise test can continue, this can be done by one of the sports doctors affiliated with SKA or via Golazo Energy

- Orange light: A sports medical examination is recommended
- Green light: There's no need for a sports medical examination, your condition test can continue

Attention: If you have not yet completed the questionnaire at the time of your condition test, you can fill it in on the spot but your condition test will NOT be possible with red light.

Based on the intake conversation, we will bring your sporting history into the picture. Past performance, injuries, objectives and available training time are discussed. All this to get the most complete picture of your goals and expectations before the test begins.

The condition test consists of a constructive effort on the treadmill. During the test, we measure and analyse various parameters. Heart rate and lactic acid values allow us to measure your condition and determine your optimal training zones. At the end of the test, the cooling down follows and you can enjoy a refreshing shower.


The quality of your basic condition and intensive endurance, your resistance and past training activities determine which types of training are most suitable for you. Your strengths and weaknesses are evaluated against your reference group and then translated into practice.

Golazo Energy works exclusively with qualified sports scientists with extensive experience in sports practice to ensure an up-to-date scientific and quality analysis.

After an invigorating shower, the time is taken to discuss the test report and the training advice together. You will receive a detailed and customized 12-week training schedule that takes into account your objective and time available. You are now fully ready to achieve your sporting goals!

It motivates me. As a recreational, novice (and not so young) athlete, I have not yet given up running thanks to the explanation and feasible schedule. On the contrary: it motivates me to train 3 times per week, every week.